Harvest of the Month 193

Harvest of the Month (HOTM) provides materials and resources to support healthy food choices through increased access and consumption of fruits and vegetables as well as encourage daily physical activity. It uniquely supports core curricular areas through exploration and study. Harvest of the Month presents a strategic opportunity to bring together the classroom, cafeteria, home and community to promote a common goal and healthier habits for students, especially those in low resource schools.

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Harvest of the Month Student Workbooks

The Children’s Power Play! 4th and 5th Grade Power Up with Fruits & Vegetables workbooks, first through third and sixth grade workbooks provide monthly nutrition lessons using Harvest of the Month produce encourging students to explore nutrition concepts at a deeper level while putting into practice their learned knowledge.

Power Up with Fruits and Vegetables 4th and 5th Grade Workbooks by the Network for a Healthy California–North Coast Regional Office

1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 6th Grade Student Workbooks by Humboldt County Office of Education

Harvest of the Month Energizers

Quick physical activity energizers throughout the day can help students fight fatigue, refocus on their learning, and blow off steam. These energizers integrate physical activity into Harvest of the Month lessons, making learning a multisensory experience. The more senses involved in the learning process, the greater the impression it makes and the longer it stays with us. Also, when children are physically active they are totally involved in the learning and are less likely to become distracted.

Harvest of the Month Energizers

Harvest of the Month Retail Signage

Harvest of the Month produce signs can be used in produce departments or in schools to highlight the monthly Harvest of the Month produce item. See the Information Sheet below for more information on how to display signs in Retail environments and use signs in schools.

Information Sheet  – Retail

Information Sheet – Schools

Calendar:  8 1/2 by 11     11 by 17

Harvest of the Month Retail Signs

Harvest of the Month Cafeteria Signage

These half page signs give a school the opportunity to recognize the generous donations received by either Retail or Farmers. Print the sheets out and write in the donation information and display in the cafeteria where kids can see them.